The Lesson

Saturday morning I participated in a On-Line Zoom ACIM meeting. 

As I learned in my AA meetings, “What is said here – stays here”,  but I can explain the lesson that I learned.   Great group of people on line from many different areas of the globe.   The focus of the group is reading from a Chapter in ACIM Text {this week was C23-IV, Above the Battlefield) and then sharing their perspectives on what the Holy Spirit was saying to them through the text.    At next Sat. meeting I will ask if it is OK to post the Zoom address here in the Blog.

At first, I found myself trying to explain “my perspective” of the Course – and had to admit to myself that I was doing it from an egoic mindset.   Thank God,  I couldn’t get my webcam to work properly so they could only hear me and not watch as I tried to fix it while getting increasingly frustrated.    It was here that I heard the Holy Spirit say to me – REMEMBER – Look, Listen, and Do Not Judge !!!!  and then I settled back to listen,

One of the participants gave an eloquent and right-on-the-point explanation of his perspective of the practical application of this aspect of the teachings.  I paraphrase, ‘Stop identifying with the body and rise above to the Christ Mindset to see the innocence of the situation, even for a instance is sufficient.” 

This morning my Oracle directed readings  ACIM  Chapter 6-V, “The Lessons of the Holy Spirit”, reinforced this teaching.  

“How can you wake children in a more kindly way than by a gentle Voice that will not frighten them, but will merely remind them that the night is over and the light has come?  You do not inform them that the nightmares that frightened them so badly are not real, because children believe in magic.  You merely reassure them that they are safe now.  Then you train them to recognize the difference between sleeping and waking, so they will understand they need not be afraid of dreams.  And so when bad dreams come, they will themselves call on the light to dispel them.

A wise teacher teaches through approach, not avoidance.  He does not emphasize what you must avoid to escape from harm, but what you need to learn to have joy.  Consider the fear and confusion a child would experience if he were told, “Do not do this because it will hurt you and make you unsafe; but if you do that instead, you will escape from harm and be safe, and then you will not be afraid.”  It is surely better to use only three words: “Do only that!”  This simple statement is perfectly clear, easily understood and very easily remembered.

The Holy Spirit never itemizes errors because He does not frighten children, and those who lack wisdom are children.” 

I hope, lesson learned, I will practice.   Another way to utilize Look, Listen, and Do Not Judge.     I am looking forward to next week group and maybe be able to add to it in a more constructive way.

God Blesses    Christ Blesses     I Bless