Medical Update

Sawadee Khrap

Last night I woke up at 1:30 AM, feeling very apprehensive and very hungry.  That same feeling I have had several times just before a change when my drug-induced Parkinson’s symptoms relax.   Almost like a panic attack,  my body was screaming it was missing something to be “normal” and I need to get it back.   That drug addiction feeling of withdraw.   That would have scared me but since this has happened several time before I am getting used to “coming off the drugs”, so to say.   Just hang in there and wait to see what will happen next.  Didn’t need the valium to calm the nerves..

I could swear I didn’t get any sleep, tossing and turning all night,  but this morning I seem to be quite awake and not very tired so I must have gotten some sleep.  Almost all of the shaking has gone including the lip tremors and my eyesight and balance is much better.   Walked over to get breakfast at the café and have been waiting for the shakes to come back – I did take the usual Valsartan (40mg) at 7AM and will take the 2nd dose (30mg) at 7PM    I’m writing this post at 3PM and still feeling great – much closer to normal.  It’s been 222 days since I stopped the Madiplot and Calcium Channel Blockers and my BP seems to be somewhat stable around 150-160/80 range now.   The Parkinson’s symptoms are almost completely gone.

It will take another month to make sure.