How to find PEACE.

Sawadee Khrap

As Jesus said “I am the LIGHT of the world.”  The TRUTH is the TRUTH no matter where it is said or revealed.  Is this also not Enlightenment?.   Religions argue that THEY, and only they, have the true path to salvation and dismiss others as false – BUT that is simply EGO-centric.  As Jesus said “My Father’s house has many rooms I go to make a place for you.….”

Looking at it from a ‘Christian” perspective here is an excellent video on what TRUE Discipleship really is,    by Bro. Zac Poonen  Titled  “All that Jesus Taught.”


Is this not the same meaning taught in Buddha’s path to Enlightenment?   Letting go of all ATTACHMENTS, up to and including the “self” image we hold as our life,  and realizing the ONENESS of the Divine.  There can be no suffering because there is no lack.  Jesus expressed it at a personal level – A  “Father – Son – Spirit” relationship. 

Heaven or Nirvana are both reached when one has given up all ties to this world or attachments.  But the initial paths are similar, it is the EXPERIENCE of walking the path that will prove that it is TRUE.  Following the GUIDE given you,  to match your culture, customs, and parents,  is a start on recognizing that path to PEACE.

Wear your religion in your heart.

God Blesses    Christ Blesses     I Bless