What should I do for him, Your holy Son?

Sawadee Khrap

Excerpt from ‘Song of Prayer’

What should I do for him, Your holy Son?” should be the only thing you ever ask when help is needed and forgiveness sought. The form the seeking takes you need not judge. And let it not be you who sets the form in which forgiveness comes to save God’s Son. The light of Christ in him is his release, and it is this that answers to his call. Forgive him as the Christ decides you should, and be His eyes through which you look on him, and speak for Him as well. He knows the need; the question and the answer. He will say exactly what to do, in words that you can understand and you can also use. Do not confuse His function with your own. He is the Answer. You the one who hears.

The Ego world looks at the character’s errors as Sins in the forms :

  1. There are the forms in which a “better” person deigns to stoop to save a “baser” one from what he truly is.
  2. The one who would forgive the other does not claim to be the better. Now he says instead that here is one whose sinfulness he shares, since both have been unworthy and deserve the retribution of the wrath of God.
  3. I will forgive you if you meet my needs, for in your slavery is my release.” Say this to anyone and you are slave. And you will seek to rid yourself of guilt in further bargains which can give no hope, but only greater pain and misery.
  4. All forms forgiveness takes that do not lead away from anger, condemnation and comparisons of every kind are death. For that is what their purposes have set.

Again telling me to look, listen, and do not judge.  Let not the character of the dream insist that the dream continue one way or another but ONLY to forgive, which means it it never happened.   DO NOT JUDGE THAT IT DID OR DID NOT and allow the Holy Spirit to make the judgement needed – together with the Dreamer, the Holy Spirit’s Judgement, will allow change to enter my mind, the dream, and result in a projection of a happy dream of Atonement.

God Bless      Ciao