What does it mean “To be One”

Sawadee Khrap

What does it mean – To Be One ?      This question has been stated and pondered by many theologist.  It’s said over and over again in ACIM.  God is One, Christ is One with God, We are One with Christ !!!!   What does this MEAN to ME.

If I am One with Christ,  Spiritually (Jesus was the human symbol) – then You must also be One with Christ. Or Christ expresses the ONENESS of GOD.  The Christ’s Mind is One and the LIE or ERROR that we are separate , in a material world,  is the illusion that individuals  exist, BUT in God’s Realty only ONE MIND EXISTS.     Having just read Lesson 182 – ACIM  “I will be still an instant and go home.”, I was struck by the vision this excerpt shows me.

“This world you seem to live in is not home to you. And some­where in your mind you know that this is true. A memory of home keeps haunting you, as if there were a place that called you to return, although you do not recognize the voice, nor what it is the voice reminds you of. Yet still you feel an alien here, from somewhere all unknown. Nothing so definite that you could say with certainty you are an exile here. Just a persistent feeling, sometimes not more than a tiny throb, at other times hardly re­membered, actively dismissed, but surely to return to mind again.

No one but knows whereof we speak. Yet some try to put by their suffering in games they play to occupy their time, and keep their sadness from them. Others will deny that they are sad, and do not recognize their tears at all. Still others will maintain that what we speak of is illusion, not to be considered more than but a dream. Yet who, in simple honesty, without defensiveness and self-deception, would deny he understands the words we speak?

We speak today for everyone who walks this world, for he is not at home. He goes uncertainly about in endless search, seek­ing in darkness what he cannot find; not recognizing what it is he seeks. A thousand homes he makes, yet none contents his restless mind. He does not understand he builds in vain. The home he seeks can not be made by him. There is no substitute for Heaven. All he ever made was hell.”

Each version of hell that each body represents needs to be brought to Light and seen for what it is – An Illusion – and let go.  The Abstract Idea of Oneness (God, Christ) is the total healing or Atonement of the  ‘What If’s’  that He made or Imagined.      ONE, inseparable, imagining Many possibilities.    Healing – Going Home – the Awakening from a spiritual nightmare!

God Bless      Christ Bless      I BLESS