Waking up ????

Sawadee Khrap

What does it mean to “Awaken”?.   How do I see the world I  am in?.    Is what I see actually my projection of my inner thoughts?

If I see a gloomy world then in my mind I am gloomy? ; if I see joy then my mind is joyful, otherwise it couldn’t see it..  It’s impossible to see a gloomy world and be happy at the same time.    If I am seeing an awaking world,  then what I am really seeing IS MYSELF awaking ………

Remembering what Jesus said:

“Assuredly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”   (Matthew 18:18)

But from Google (actually Religions) see it:

“The crossed keys in the coat of arms of the Holy See symbolize the keys of heaven entrusted to Simon Peter. … The gold key alludes to the power in the kingdom of the heavens and the silver key indicates the spiritual authority of the papacy on earth”

Isn’t it convenient that Jesus was entrusting “Peter” with the fate of the universe, a man that Jesus said would deny him 3 time in a singe night.  The “church” has become the authority ????

Jesus’s message of “Self” awaking is  completely sidestepped,  it becomes ‘look to the church’ !.  That’s what I was taught when I was young and rebelled against, BUT lately I am seeing reform in the Religious Realms.  The Bible story and it’s message is being  re-evaluated from a salvation (self) perspective, which I believe was originally intended in Christ Jesus’s actual words.

Is the world changing OR AM I WAKING UP?   Am I seeing (my) FORGIVNESS applied to this world and seeing a FORGIVEN world?   Am I releasing the world of the condemning JUDGEMENTS that I made and bound heaven with ?

If so, am I a savior of the world ? , NOT in grandiosity but in Grandeur,  that I am a functioning part of the “Christ”  – The Son of God.   That without MY part being fulfilled there can be NO COMPLTION – the ONENSS of GOD.    

If we are ONE then without YOUR part, Oneness waits.  If we are ONE then ALL share in each others awaking.

God Bless      Ciao