Today’s thought-bring Truth to illusions

Sawadee Khrap

Today my thought and meditation is:  How to bring Truth to illusion.

Illusion can never be brought to Truth for it is its opposite, BUT Truth can be brought to illusions and shine them away in the LIGHT of REALITY.

Today, I will not try to bring Heaven to Frank, but rather bring the Truth to Frank about Heaven.   Heaven is the ONENESS of God and His Creations.  Frank is the aspect of an illusion that confirms separation, a special BODY or state, unique and apart from all the rest and capable of attack and need of defense..  Sickness is proof that it can be attacked and therefor must defend itself.

“I am as God Created me.”  is a statement of Truth and states that because ‘like creates like ‘, which is even true in this world,  I am created in the Spirit of God.  Spirit has no boundaries and celebrates Its Oneness as Its Joy.   Only in a illusional world of separation do different levels exist – Oneness is ONE, or in other words – HEAVEN.

  1. This realization of TRUTH allows me ,Frank, to step back and put aside judgment to defend my perspective of the situation and watch the illusion (or dream)  change in such a way to benefit all involved.  
  2. This realization allows me to see that the dream is under the direct control of the dreamer not the characters in the dream.   It is the dreamer exploring the different “what if’s” through the characters.
  3. This realization also allows me to step back and witness the dream from above the illusion, what some call “an out of body experience”.   But in doing so I realize I am also the dreamer.  So I can also change the dream from attack to one expressing LOVE.

As Jesus said  “I and the Father are One” —  OR –Buddha stated that Nirvana was the cessation of Samsara, or the dis-continuation of the Self illusion in different lives and the realization of Oneness or Nothingness.  —  OR — Brahma remembering who he was in the game with Maya.        All state this UNIVERSAL TRUTH   — OR —  as Yogi, mystic and visionary Sadhguru always says “Isn’t that so?”

God Bless    Ciao