Studying creation theories

Sawadee Khrap

Under self-quarantine and finding little to do all day. I want to respect and follow the directions issued by the Gov’t , to control the virus condition in Chiang Mai, so I am staying inside. Thank God for Netflix and the Internet – without them, YouTube and movies, my day would be very boring. Lengthy meditations and self-examination sessions are not really my cup of tea. Although I believe this world is a dream – at the same time, I cannot deny that it does seem very, very real to me.

YouTube, in particular, has some great videos – one series I am watching now is the 2017 IGH (In Genesis History) Conference lectures– looking at creation verses scientific theories and their differences. Since my own theology or explanation of life, revolves around the Biblical story, this series has some strong importance.

My belief is formulated from my study of ACIM and the Bible – Genesis 1 for creation and Chapter 2/on for the Dream of Separation, which does try to explain what science calls evolution and what is the meaning of life itself. Both creation and evolution have self-fulling theories in their own perspectives. In a previous post, “Day to day living”, I stated my observation of what and how this world is happening. Thank God, I (Frank) am NOT asked to change the world, but merely asked to remove my blockages to allowing it to change, by giving control back to the Dreamer.

I don’t need to really understand HOW this is done, but I am asked to observe that changes do occur when I relinquish my control of each situation. And that each change involves happiness for ALL involved and not a specific few where I am the center figure.

It is this EXPERIENCE I seek to realize, not the knowledge of how the impossible (Separation from God) happened or is happening. Truly, if God is LOVE then ONLY by seeing love everywhere can I realize a Oneness with the Divine.

Note:    I do want to point out that THIS blog is ONLY intended as a platform for my explaining MY experience, strength, and hopes – and NOT a a discussion forum for any subject.  I will post any and most comments but NOT to start a discussion.  If you have opposing views please post a link in your comment to your blog or website so others can go there to see what you propose..

But still I have to fill this boredom with something so the movies and lectures help.

God Bless Ciao

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  1. Richard Dawkins is a brilliant Professor of Biology at Oxford University, UK who has rebutted arguments of creationists including “intelligent design” arguments.

  2. I recommend reading the book (or listening to audio book) “The God Delusion” by Richard Dawkins. Dawkins is amazingly intelligent and makes many cogent points that refute creationism. I listened to the 10 disc audio book while driving in my car.

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