How to practice forgiveness

Sawadee Khrap

Today’s lesson #134  “Let me perceive forgiveness as it is.”  explains how to directly and practically practice forgiveness. 

“Would I condemn myself for doing this?”  What a question.   Look, Listen nd Do Not Judge – isn’t this the same thing?

I immediately call to mind the “Song of Prayer” quote:

“Would you forgive yourself for doing this? Then learn that God has given you a means by which you can return to Him in peace. DO NOT SEE ERROR. Do not make it real. Select the loving and forgive the sin by choosing in its place the face of Christ. How otherwise can prayer return to God? He loves His Son. Can you  remember Him and hate what He created? You will hate his Father if you hate the Son He loves. For as you see the Son you see  yourself, and as you see yourself is God to you.”  (UrText S2B3)

And a daily prayer I need remember

Song of Prayer