Fresh look at the Bible

Sawadee Khrap

My thought for the day was the consideration of a fresh look at the Bible consisting of 3 parts.

  1. The Creation  [  Genesis 1  ]
  2. The Corruptible Body   [  Genesis 2 – Old Testament  ]
  3. The Redemption of Christ  [New Testament  ]

(1)  Spirit  Kingdom –  (2)  Material Kingdom  –  (3)  Back to Spirit  Kingdom.

Remember the Luke 15:11 story of the Prodigal Son,  

  • (1)  the younger Son LEFT the Father, 
  • (2) tried to establish his own kingdom, and
  • (3)  found redemption by simply RETURNING  to the Father.   

Notice: It even covers the actions of the Angels or Souls that didn’t rebel, the second Son.       Isn’t it so !

What we sometimes call ‘OUR CONSCIENCE’, which I call the Holy Spirit,  was always with the Son, reminding Him of His Father’s Love.     AND AS IMPORTANT, the Father did NOT  CONDEMN the Son but merely waited for His return.   It is the story of our existence.    ISN’T IT SO !!!!!               Amen.

God Bless      Christ Bless        I Bless