Dreamer, Character confusion

Sawadee Khrap

Today’s reflection:

I, Frank, am a character in the dream of separation. First I will just examine this fact. If I am a part of the separated world then it is impossible for me , Frank, to change the dream since I am not the Dreamer.  However, It is possible that I can bind the dream and cause it to continue with each judgment I make. And since judgment is a two-edged sword, unless I choose NOT to judge, any judgment will cause it to continue and not be resolved. The only way to change the dream to a happy one is by using the Atonement Principle, and this is under the control of Christ, the Dreamer, NOT the characters of the dream.

Illusions cannot be brought to Truth, but Truth can be brought to illusion and allow change.   Look, Listen, and do not judge is the Truth that will allow the Dreamer to change the dream to a happy one when the character steps out of the way in the dream of separation or specialness. All the character is asked for is the willingness to consider the Truth and not judge leaving judgment to the Dreamer.

But here is the diabolical part, I am also the Dreamer. The trick of the ego’s thought system is that the dreamer has forgotten who He actually is and believes he is the characters of the dream subject to its control. Forgiveness is of Christ, the Dreamer, not in the character’s hands. ONLY willingness is required of the character to alter the direction of the dream. And this is done by withholding judgments.

Jesus said this to his disciples “Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven: Whatever you loose on earth will be loose in heaven.” Otherwise this statement makes no sense in this world. His Kingdom was NOT of this world but that of Spirit. Only a judgment that anything in this world is real, by judging for or against it, could bind or loosen the thought that produces the dream. Only a judgment would be proof that the character was real and controlled the dream, a diabolical twist of the TRUTH. As Jesus said “Your father was a liar from the beginning, My Father is the Father of Truth.”

God Bless    Ciao