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Sawadee Khrap

What’s a practical way to incorporate, “Look, Listen, and do not judge”, into daily life.

For a broad picture and simplicity’s sake, lets imagine that the some of the Sons of God had a “Dream” that they were “Special” and therefore set apart and not on equal with the others (Oneness of God).   For example, think about the thought “Would anything other than God make me happy?”.  Thinking this would require projecting a world or illusion containing the opposites of God, Oneness to separation, Spirit to bodies, Life to death, Eternity to time, Love to attack, and so on. Similar to what we call schizophrenia, a “split mind” referring to the way that people are split off from reality; they cannot tell what is real and what is not real.
The right-mindfulness part of the Son’s split Mind realizes that separation is impossible, IS LIFE itself and always present, but is not dominating because being LOVE it cannot attack.  The wrong-mindfulness part  needs to project because it cannot create, being the opposite of God, and what it projects is an illusion dominated by characters (bodies).
The “Dreamer” is “Christ”, the Alpha and Omega, or more specifically what we can call the Mindfulness of the Christ Mind. The idea that separation can occur is called the “Ego”.  And the “Holy Spirit” is God’s answer that Oneness cannot be separated and “IS” Life, therefore separation is an illusion or dream. Additionally, in this dream, the Christ Mind gives the “characters of the dream” the power to bind or unbind the dream by their judgements. The “Original Sin”, missing the mark,  was the character’s choosing the Ego’s lie, to be as God, by making judgements.

Judgements are also “attachments”, something judged as needed or not needed, actually a two-edged sword which will cut in both directions.  Only the “middle path”, NOT Judging, will offer eternal peace with no attack.

Since God’s Reality IS only LOVE, separation or “LACK OF LOVE”, is only in the illusion and is valueless. Since the character cannot possibly know why anything is being projected , only the dreamer can, then any choice or judgement,  by the character,  would be inappropriate.   But if the character ALWAYS looked for LOVE or a lack of Love, then the ONLY response would be – “give only love” for every situation, or instance, no matter what the dreamer started   As Jesus said “And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.”  John 14:13   As the right-mindfulness part is is also available to the character then this response would be a teaching aid and not used as weapons of separation.

For instance, hearing a screaming child – my only response should be to see that child embraced, in my mind,  with love and complete inclusion.  I would be more complete and therefor more joyful by extending as God’s LOVE extends.. Not in judgment, as to why or how the kid is suffering, but how the child is one with God and Myself.  Look not to change the world but to change my mind about the world.

I would love to hear your comments on other examples you could use to apply this solution to daily problems – please comment


One thought on “Day to day living”

  1. Why don’t we lock ourselves up in a quiet room, lie down on a couch and stop making judgements and choices? We could lie like this indefinitely, trying to experience nothing but love.

    If we feel hunger or the urge to use the bathroom we should simply dismiss these illusory distractions, for they are but manifestations of the Ego.

    If we are in pain why seek relief? Why call the doctor or take painkillers? After all, how different is being in pain from the situation with a screaming child?

    Seriously, if one is not enlightened enough to endure severe pain by means of right-mindfulness, why doesn’t one start small and refrain from using the toilet? What harm can this possibly do?

    We should just stop attending to those needs. We should not think of the discomfort from pissing ourselves because such thoughts are very far from Oneness and Love.

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