To Re-Focus

Sawadee Khrap

Today, in my meditation I was led to re-focus my image of existence. Here is my picture:

‘Genesis 1’ in the Bible presents a world where everything is spirit [thought] encompassing everything in it Oneness.  Humans [male/female or souls] exist in this world as spirits in the likeness of their Creator, united in their common identity in the mind of God as His Son “the Christ”.   All is blessed, good, happy, united, eternal and inclusive [Love].

But then as it continued in Chapter 2, I began to see another story:  This story has god making man from the dust of the earth and woman from a separated piece of him.  Then that god puts man in a wonderful garden, telling him not to partake of the fruit of a certain tree, knowing full well that he will disobey. He then allows a snake to tell them that the fruit would make him special and give him god like powers of judgement. And as expected, he did eat this fruit. Now this wrathful god had every right to banish him from the garden and punish him with a life of pain, sorrow, and sacrifice until death – calling it sin.

What happen?  I think that somewhere somehow in Genesis’s (1) unity of thought, called the Sonship, an insane question was considered “Is there anything other than God [Reality or Heaven] that would make me happy? and some in the sonship took it under consideration [Fallen Angels or souls], projecting it out as their new reality.  What could it be but the opposite of what Reality really is – an illusion, a dream, or a nightmare.
Imagined was a dark, cold, world where Oneness is forsaken for specialness and separation.  Eternity replaced with degrees of time, bodies instead of free spirits, death instead of life. Love lost to degrees of hate.  A place where enemies exist, attack becomes possible, condemnation and judgement determine what is real.

This “something other than God” the desire to be Special.  Specialness demands I be separate, unique, with god like powers of judgement that allow ME to change MY reality as I see fit. An EGO, where I am the center of MY universe. !! god !!  Exactly like the world I think I live in now.

Have you ever asked a child “who broke your toy? Their first answer is to put the blame on some imaginary object or another person – never themselves.  Is that what’s happening here?

So how could I justify this game –  First I could blame it on the snake for lying to me. Also blame it on the god because He put me here knowing I would disobey. It’s not my fault.  Quite a story and it goes on and on, judgement on top of judgment.  Defend and attack. Eat or be eaten. Sin ending in death

But exactly where and what am I (Frank) in this game,and how does that affect me?    First lets figure out who are the participants in the game.

1. Dreamer of the dream of separation:
  – the part of the mind of the sonship (Christ – the unity of souls) that considered the insane question  projecting it out as the world of matter – the big bang. The Fallen ones in the Genesis story – Christ’s Wrong-mindfulness.

2  Characters of the dream of judgements:
  – ME (Frank) the separated one in the illusion, also dreaming like the child with the broken toy – projecting out a world of people to blame for his misgivings. Seeing reality through a darkened lens, my judgments with myself as center god or character.

3  Holy Spirit:
  – God’s answer to the insane question – only God is real, nothing else is exists, herein lies the peace of God
Ahh !!  There are 2 dreams – one Christ mind controls, the other I (ME -Frank) have dominion over.  As Jesus “The Christ”, said ” I give you the keys to Heaven, what ever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, what ever you loose on earth will be loose in heaven”

So how do I escape my dream?   Being willing to look at all my judgments through God’s answer the “Holy Spirit”, past/present/future and do not judge.  By allowing the truth or reality behind it to be as it is – NOT as me being the center of my world.  Examining every judgment but if I find the “except” then let it go.  Truth is always TRUE and any exception, at any level, makes it false.   Simple to say,  actually simple to do if I am really willing to give up control.

When I release my dream, then Christ’s Right-mindfullness can correct the 1st dream of separation.  Changing the dream to a happy dream of unity, as close to heaven as possible, where perception can melt into knowledge and the Sonship can recognize It’s Oneness again.

This is my vision, perhaps it is similar to yours.  It determines my path and has shown me my Guide.

God Bless