Tian or Elohim

Sawadee Khrap

From my last  post I found it amazing that the same story is contained pictorially in the ancient Chinese language, almost identical to Genesis except “Tian” is used for “Elohim” and “Shang Di” for “Yahweh”.  With one major exception the Chinese pictographs were created 2500 years earlier than the writing of  Genesis by Moses. Both tell of the “garden”, fall into sin, the flood and the ship carrying 8 that were saved to become the forefathers, the tower, the confusing of tongues, dispersion across the lands, and the annual sacrifice demanded by the God.

large boat- Noah

The information I drew from was a video produced by Steven Liu : Hidden Codes in Chinese Characters on YouTube and similar examples Dr. CK Thong : God in Ancient China on YouTube.  Check them out for the full story – definitely not disappointing.

It doesn’t prove the validity of the Bible but it does show that from different cultures and times the same story was remembered with similar ceremonies  – the human race was one at one time. 

God Bless