Our chosen paths

Sawadee Khrap

“When the student is ready the teacher will arrive ! ”
Thanks, Dan,  I am constantly reminded of this as I walk on MY path to the Universal TRUTH.

I want to take this time and post to thank my friend and occasional visitor, Dan M..   Last names are not necessary, but you can find some his comments in earlier posts.

I have established this blog as a way for me to chronical my chosen walk down the path to TRUTH – which I call God.  I searched  for and found  a guide that says he has walked this path before me and can alert me of any chuckholes, obstacles, dead ends, or detours before I experience them,  if I follow his guidance.  This is the guide I have chosen and the path I believe is the way for ME.   He even said there are many other paths that lead to truth but this is the one chosen for me. My intention is to walk as quickly and surely as possible, believing that if I stumble or veer off the path, he will be there to help me regain my composure.  Until I find that this guide does not know the way, I will continue to trust in him and follow. This blog is my EXPERIENCE. STRENTHT, AND HOPE along that path.

Dan, commented on HIS path to the universal truth of life, existence, and His experiences, strengths, and hopes and his chosen guide or guides.  I believe we all walk to this  Universal Truth , whatever name we have called it.  Thanks again Dan, that you would take the time to SHARE with us the roadmap you are following on your path to truth.  How else can we all learn unless we SHARE,  helping each other along OUR chosen paths. 

Preaching says I have walked this way and made it clear for you – nonsense – Sharing says I have walked this way and will share my knowledge of the obstacles I’ve encountered to help you along your way.  I am sure there will be many intersections where we can met and share again our experiences, strengths  and hopes, quickening all our steps to the final destination.

Please feel free to comment on any post, share your experiences, all will be posted.   There are many places on the Internet where discussion, arguments, and the like can be found -HOWEVER,  this blog, I will try to maintain , as a place to openly SHARE un-encumbered by crosstalk or condemnation.

God Blesses ALL