Gospel of Thomas meditation

Sawadee Khrap

Here is a post I made to the ACIM group I follow –

My meditation for today was concerning several of the sayings, attributed to Jesus, from the Gospel of Thomas.

(37)   His disciples said: “When will you appear to us, and when will we see you?”  Jesus said: “When you undress without being ashamed and take your clothes (and) put them under your feet like little children (and) trample on them, then [you] will see the son of the Living One, and you will not be afraid.”

(112)  Jesus says:  “Woe to the flesh that depends on the soul. Woe to the soul that depends on the flesh.”

(102) Jesus says:   “Woe to them, the Pharisees, for they are like a dog sleeping in a cattle trough, for it neither eats nor [lets] the cattle eat.”
What does he mean – Going back to Genesis, when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of judgment, they saw themselves naked and were ashamed – meaning they saw the body as sin and separation from God – The lie of the devil.   In Genesis 1 there were no bodies, in the likeness and image of God ,they were created. But in Genesis 2 Yahweh (god of the world/earth and the Law) “made” or molded man from dust of the earth – separate creatures. The body is a symbol for the separation – the illusion of death of the son of god in a body.

Jesus is telling me that when i can look upon the body as an illusion and not as sin then I will see Christ standing there as innocent as when He was Created by God.  I will see Christ everywhere – NOT examples of sin – to be punished but errors which the Light of Christ’s Love will shine away.. I must not judge, leaving correction (forgiveness} to Christ’s judgment.

Father, forgive them they know not what they do – The world is the belief in the LIE  the separation from God by a body – the symbol or illusion of sin – missing the mark – seeing through a darkened lens – an error to be corrected.  Not demanding punishment but understanding through the Light of Christ’s Vision     Religious doctrine does not  allow a direct relationship with Jesus – restricted to what they choose to believe – a dog sleeping in the drinking water – scaring the thirsty away waving the banner of sin.

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