Frank’s Musings

Sawadee Khrap

These are my thoughts after today’s meditation:

To pray for healing of the body is to pray for just another illusion- an illusion of health. But still an illusion. Sickness is a defense against the truth. The underlying judgment, that the body is sick. must be first evaluated as false and let go – Heal first the mind that thinks the body is sick.

And yet any sickness is deigned to cover or camouflage the underlying truth or actual judgment made

1. First I decide that I need defense against SOME truth,
2. then I project sickness as a defense to camouflage the “truth” 
3. then considering the sickness real, I ask for healing of the body.

Not once in this process did I consider the underlying truth or judgment that I thought needed defense against. WHAT, but what truth – ONENESS, I am not separated from God. I am as God Created me. Spirit, not a body, One with ALL. The body and sickness is my Belief, my Judgement, that I am seperate from God. An Illusion.

Healing can only occur if I offer my willingness to allow the holy Spirit into my mind to examine all the judgments I have made and allow HIM to correct the one needed to proceed to healing today. Forgiveness, the correction of faulty judgments, is the function of the Holy Spirit – I NEED DO NOTHING – But be willing to have then corrected. In fact, I can do nothing – I HAVE ESTABLISHED THEM AS MY TRUTH.

I always have to remember that God provides all I need if I but look around. Medicine, although magical in form, is still provided until I can let the Holy Spirit examine and remove the obstacle or judgment that blocks my healing. My Faith assures me that God’s help is always present, I but need to abandon the idea that I know what is best and just surrender my mind to the Holy Spirit’s healing.

I have NO answers, in fact I have NO question, I come with an open mind asking only for the TRUTH to be revealed.


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