ACIM Daily Lesson Workshop Meeting

Sawadee Khrap

I am starting a weekly Tuesday meeting at 7 PM  to 8 PM at Black Canyon Coffee in Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center.  All are invited but the meeting is specific to the daily lesson.  It is not a discussion group.  There will be ample time after the meeting for discussion or debate. Intro-Meetup-Image

If your new to ACIM and want more information – Please come early to the Tuesday meeting and I have prepared a hand-out pack to get you started.   Links for free PDF versions of all material and versions of the “Course”   Studying the “Course” will not cost you any money. – What do you have to lose.


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    1. Right now I am planning on every Tuesday at Black Canyon Coffee – Kad Suan Kaew from 7PM to 8PM I have a beginner pack I will give you the next time we meet – Thanks Jim

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