Zhouzhuang, “Venice of Shanghai”

Sawadee Khrap

In 2003, a year before I retired, I took a trip to China – Hong Kong and Shanghai, visiting a friend there.  One spot that really impressed me was Chinese city, Zhouzhuang, “Venice of Shanghai” an hour by train from Shanghai.  I got some really great images during this trip and it also got me thinking about retiring to Asia.  Zhouzhuang looks like a very old city but I was told by a local that the government just built it that way for tourist.  Nevertheless it did give me some great photos.  So I thought I would try to paint this old home setting on a watery canal. And a full size blow-up, the bicycle seemed to be the most detailed and difficult to get right The stones are easy, their straight brush marks.Zhouzhuang-webZhouzhuang-fullSize 20×30 in.


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