The Boy and the Statue

Sawadee Khrap

statue-boy-2017-w29xh30in-200-webThis digital – acrylic oil painting – actual size 30 in x 30 in at 200 dpi

I am going to restart my painting and designing of new images. I have a very large elements collection and would appreciate any comments on possible image designs, ideas or themes that you would like me to make a painting.


2 thoughts on “The Boy and the Statue”

  1. Frank, I assume you mean digital painting. I quite like painting with acrylics on canvas, but I find that I have to be very relaxed and distraction free. But occasionally I enjoy digital painting using my ancient ‘Ulead’ program.
    Looking forward to your new work. David.

    1. Hi David Yes using Photoshop CC – a digital acrylic painting look with Gesso and Canvas textures. Very realistic and easy to do – but time consuming. I use the paint filter to mix the colors yet keep them in place and then use a cloner mixer brush to go over all the painting and settle in the colors on controlled layers. Background first and then place and paint the top items just like painting, using complementary color backlayers too.

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