Problem with JPEG’s

Sawadee Khrap

Here is a excellent example of why to shoot in RAW mode.DSC02659-Pano    On the recent trip to Doi Angkhang, I had my camera set to shoot 42MB JPGs instead of RAW files.   Most of the photos are OK and Lightroom made sufficient modifications where necessary to make good images.  However this panorama at Chiang Dao shows what can go wrong.   The sky above is really blown out and cannot be restored.  Had I shot in RAW, each image could have been corrected using the full gamut of exposure to capture the full dynamics of the scene.

I now have my basic settings so the camera is always set on RAW and now custom settings 2 is set to allow (fine 42 MP) JPG’s.   This way I won’t have to remember to switch it unless I think I am running low on memory and need to shoot JPG for the smaller size.   Should have done this in the first place like I had always set my Canon.  The above shot would have been nice if I had set the camera right. Pity.

This is another landscape shot as JPG but it did allow some modification.DSC02661