Love Foundation–Clinic

Sawadee Khrap


Just got back from a visit to the “Love Foundation”.  met “Ten” , sexy guy, the founder, and incidentally he is also the founder of Hornet- gay chat, and had my test for HIV, Hep B,A – clean report.   But no immunity to HEP.       They are located between Big C Extra and Index.

PREP-webBut I did learn some great stuff while there – They also have a medicine that can be taken every day to enable one to live with a infected partner – 950 Baht/Mo.  of course you  can also take it without a partner and just play around but it is not recommended.  But it will offer some protection.  And of course they also have the other HIV-AIDS drugs too.  And Hep-B shots which I will be getting later in the month.  Great service, people, friendly and not prying – if you know what I mean, everything can be anonymous if you want.

Their pricing is very reasonable – 20 min for test results and as I said before great and friendly people to deal with.  Get tested don’t take chances.pricesheet-lovefoundation-web