Burma Trip– Keng Tung

Sawadee Khrap

We left Wat Suan Dok at 5 AM and drove directly to Tachileik, Myanmar, IMG_3226crossing the bridge there into Burma.  We were on a 30 person group Visa so they took all the Thai’s ID’s and the foreigner’s Passports and told that we would get them back at the end of the trip.  I didn’t care for that but there was nothing I could do about it.  I was in the same minivan as Conrad and his Thai wife Tim – so there was someone I could speak English to while on the trip.   After the border we headed Burma-tripIMG_3249IMG_3236to Mong Hpayak where we had lunch and then on to Keng Tung.  I did find out that I was mistaken about the final city we would visit – it was actually the most eastern city Mong Yawng.  Arriving at Keng Tung area, KengTungwe first visited a school that Phra Saneh sponsored and then on to a Burmese Akha village where he is supplying money to build a temple for IMG_3292IMG_3332them.  Arriving at Keng Tung we stayed at the “Golden World Hotel” IMG_3452and visited Wat Pha Jao Lung, Nong Tung Lake, Gard Luang Central Market, Wat Jong Kham,  the slideshow is long but shows images from the area in timed sequence – sorry I didn’t get the names of all the places visited. – I also was in the middle of a van and could not get more photos – I had taken the older smaller Canon G15, because I was afraid that it might get confiscated,  the camera is really slow focusing so I missed many great opportunities along the way – next time I will take the 7D or maybe the Sony.  This is the first 2 days of the trip.