WOW–big rain today–on top of disaster

Sawadee Khrap

Disasters everywhere – Yesterday at 5:30, while I was watching the TV about the earthquake in Italy, I felt like I was hyper-ventilating and rocking but it turned out to be a earthquake HERE – Burma, 6.8.  Team was at his computer and got up from his chair because it was moving – amazing. We haven’t heard a lot about it  – apparently information is slow to get out of Burma.

This morning we got up at 6:30 so Team could go to school – at 7 AM it started raining  – hard  – and rained for about 1 hr. – He left to walk to school and shortly called me to say I have to drive him as the local Soi was flooded. – When I took him the entire Soi was about 2 feet under water and these photos were taken after I got back home – about 30 min later.   Where did the water go – all in the parking basement on the New Condo next door.  Pity those people – must have been at least 15 cars down there – water over the hoods – you can see the water line in the second photo

and also the Soi leading from Huay Kaew Rd past the Huay Kaew Residences going to Kad Suan 1472122746766Kaew Shopping Center.   It took over 2.5 hours DSC00888DSC00886DSC00890for this to go down – This is a great warning to what may be coming later as we go farther into the rainy season – we really haven’t had a big rain yet.  If this is the damage here, I can only guess how bad it was around the city in areas that usually flood.


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