Sad to say–We have split up

Sawadee Khrap

Very sad to have to say that Team and I have ended our relationship.  We have a completely different view of what that should look like. Team's relationship Life Chart-1   Team is only looking for the arrangement show in pic 1 – a roommate or business partnership where each has their own private life but share a common living together arrangement.   While this is typical of almost all gay relationships here I am looking for a more deep sharing  – a marriage if you will – building for a common goal as shown in Pic 2.

There is a distinct difference of culture here – Pic 1 is what most , if not , all Thais ( straight or gay) consider normal.  Most consider this a marriage and it normally creates great future problems where the extended family is involved.   Truly starting a new family and complete sharing is not possible in this scenario.   Most financial burdens are always put upon the Farang or foreigner since by merely being here he is considered wealthy and the extended families always look to that as security.  This was the case in every BF I have had so far. 

I had hoped that Team had a more Western view – but I’m afraid not.   I am not looking for a roommate with extras – I would just as soon be single and able to entertain anyone I choose – having a roommate would hamper that – unless you wanted to call it a open relationship and that I am certainly not looking for.

So I wish him all the best luck and happiness in the future and I hope he finds a meaningful relationship as he chooses.   He is a wonderful young man and should have a great future.    God Bless