Physical Therapy – not disc problem

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back from Sriphat Physical Therapy Center for the second  ultra-sound and lumbar traction session.  Both shoulders and lower back received 7 minuets each of ultra-sound deep massage and then in for 20 min of lumbar traction = total cost  300 Baht    $9.    I was at Tao Gardens 2 weeks ago for just lower back ultra-sound and was charged 1700 Baht.    Quite a savings. 

What I thought was a flair up of the herniated disc, turned out to be a case of aggressive muscle spasm.  The doctor at Sriphat spotted this right away and set me up for physical therapy to cure the problem.   I’ve scheduled 2 sessions a week for the next 2 weeks to bring everything back to normal.  Along with stretching exercises at home I should be discomfort free soon. 

I also bought a pair of new shoes and this really helped too – I tend to wear them down in the lower outside area which causes me to walk off center and aggravates the back muscles and this in turn causes the vertebras in the back to pop out of position causing more muscle spasm.  I don’t usually notice it until the spasms get so bad that they start to affect the sciatic nerve and I get sever pain down both legs.   I’ll be more observant as to how the shoes are wearing down and make sure to get new ones when needed.  

However, at 300 Baht a session,  I definitely can afford a once week, or at least every other week, visit to the Therapy Center in addition to my normal weekly 2-hour Oil massages to keep my back in good shape.  That amounts to 4600 Baht/Mo or  $130/Mo.  And I tip well – you could do the same here for half the price.  Think about it – that’s 4 private (young men) massages in my condo + 2 therapy sessions.  Try that somewhere else.

Thailand retirement is affordable and pampers me like a baby.  Gay heaven with affordable health care and living expenses so that I can exist in style on my US retirement pension.