Off the Plavix – eye problems

Sawadee Khrap

Today I stopped taking the Plavix – I really think this is the culprit responsible for the pain I get in my hips and legs when walking – we will see.   Both my Cardiologist here and the Surgeon who put in the stents said it was ok to stop after 30 days  and it’s been 2 months so far.

I have heard some bad reports about Plavix and particularly when used in combination with aspirin.  Very bad for the heart – so I am glad to hear I can stop using it.  Having no heart problems just blockage in the renal arteries I guess I am not as susceptible to strokes or major blood clotting.

I was given 2 – Express SD Renal stents.  Stainless steel balloon expandable Non-drug-eluting peripheral stents.   In their literature they state 30 day for Plavix needed. In the past I had a reaction to “metals” and could not wear bracelets or rings for over 20 years with out mild allergic reactions.  However for the past 3-4 years this has not been a problem and it seems that the stents caused no problems either- at least not so far.  I wear 2 rings now with no side effects either.

So now I am down to taking:

Madiplot, Valsartan, baby aspirin, Folic acid – along with Cialis, Turmeric and black peppercorns.

BUT, lasts week I had a eye exam and they found I have started to develop Glaucoma in both eyes – so I am now started on “Taflotan”  – one drop each eye in the evening – hopefully this will control this problem. — getting to that age where everything is bucking up against the warranty and starting to fail.  Doctor tells me there could be side effects – could be he states ?  haha – red eyes and black around the area – we will see.   I do see a little bloodshot started but mild so far and haven’t noticed any darkling around the eyes – don’t want a clown appearance.

It never ends.


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  1. Hi there. This is Larry from MaleArts Photography. We met a number of years ago in Pattaya. Have been following your blog and find it very interesting. Hope you are enjoying your time in Chaing Mai. We still come back to Thailand every three months. Here in Palm Desert for three months and then three months in Pattaya. Still with Aek in Pattaya. Going on twelve years now. He is doing fine. We are going to try to get him a US Visa this fall.

    Last trip we took him to Holland, Paris, Cuba, Vienna, Hungary, and Slovakia. He has been to Holland twice so shouldn’t be a problem for the Visa but you know Embassies. Oh Well

    Thought you might be interested in the book I made of Cuba.

    All my best with Team

    Let me know if you can access the book.

    1. Hey Larry
      Thanks for the comment – Yah, I’ve been here in Chiang Mai for over a year now – love being home so to say – Pattaya is too humid and hot for me – and having Team makes it perfect.
      I am planning on trying, in a few years, to get a fiance visa for Team – but that will be in 3-4 years – he has to finish his studies first for his Masters, get a job and start a career and then we can think about traveling. I am trying to get him to firstly consider his own business – only way to do it in my eyes.
      Great book on Cuba – love the photos I am thinking about making one with the images of the boys I have in my blog – if nothing else I would have a hard copy coffee table book for myself. Blurg is great.
      Again thanks for the comment, stay well and I hope to see you and Alan, Aek again when I VISIT Pattaya — 5555 – maybe next year.

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