New Camera – Sony A7R Mark II

Sawadee Khrap

Sony-A7RM2Here’s a Galaxy phone shot of my new camera – Sony A7R Mark II – 42 MP full frame,mirrorless with a 24-240 mm Sony Zoom.   Sorry for the bad glary shot but in a hurry this morning.  Getting ready to leave to pick up Team at Phayao and then take a short trip to Doi Mae Salong for overnight and testing the new camera.   Team has been visiting his family at their home and farm in Phayao for the last 5 days and rather than come back and then go  – I will meet him half way at the Mae Khachan Transport Station on Hwy 118 going to Chiang Rai. – between the Wiang Pa Pao Hot Springs area and the Hwy 120 turn off to Phayao. 

Got everything except the battery grip which they had to order – need it for my big hands and longer, steadier shooting.  They also gave me the fancy leather strap – Photo Bug Camera  – Chiang Mai.  I’ll write a review when I get back.