Mork Fa–Mae Sa Waterfall trip–Aon

Sawadee Khrap

Just drove out to these waterfalls with a friend Aon yesterday – I find I am really not in the mood to enjoy shooting right now – still bothered with the breakup – put a hamper on all my activities.  I also find I have lost my control of the camera – these photos are terrible – contrast problems, camera not setup right, need a lot of practice again – now that it’s good weather I will plan more trips and hopefully improve.DSC01443DSC01492DSC01455-EditDSC01494DSC01466

First Mork Fa waterfall then the butterfly and shots at Mae Sa waterfall – both are located in Mae Rim area – sorry for the low number of shots – my hips were really hurting from walking so we cut it short.  DSC01529DSC01533DSC01537 

Hopefully more next time.