It’s almost Official now

Sawadee Khrap

DSC_1275Well it’s done now – we are engaged. Team wanted the smaller diamond for the engagement but  I plan to have his wedding ring match mine with the larger diamond.   No plans yet for a actual wedding  – no gay marriages here in Thailand – just hoping they pass the Civil Partnership Law soon so we can make it official..

Just got a new smart TV and enjoying many movies together at home and getting our mutual calendar setup.  So many things to do – especially to plan1466559192341 the future, trips, things we need and want.  And here is a shot of his first load of bread made at home. If life together goes and taste as good as the bread came out then we DSC_1283-01.jpegshould have a great future.


4 thoughts on “It’s almost Official now”

  1. You just met this month? He must be after your body! Hope you kids aren’t rushing into anything. 😉

    He must be after my body – I have no money – HaHa — but I will try my best to make it work.

  2. Wish you good luck health wealth and happiness together for many mnay years to come .The wait has been worth it frank to find the right one .

  3. Well !!!!!!
    Congrats !!!!!!!!
    Wishing you both the best future !!!!!

    Thanks Tony — haven’t talked in a long time – how are you and yours doing – planning a trip to Thailand in the future.

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