Happy Songkran 2016 – Sawadee Pee Mai

Sawadee Khrap


HAPPY SONGKRAN 2016    HAPPY NEW YEAR       And Chiang Mai’s 720 year birthday.    

  NOT going out to the water fight this year – don’t feel like getting in the fray and particularly getting wet – although the weather has been hovering about 100-106 the last few days – Chiang Mai is the hottest place in Thailand – thank God the humidly is low so its tolerable.    So the above photo,  which was taken several years ago,  but looks very close to what it looked like today at Central Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center.    

Getting ready to go to Bangkok next week and get everything ready for the stent operation.Might as well get it over as I seem to be hovering right at the edge of being able to control the blood pressure with meds – any little thing right now will set it flying up.  Seem to be OK for  now but that could change next week.  So I’m going to drive down to Pattaya for a week and while there go to Siriraj Mahidol Hospital in BKK where I went several years ago and re-schedule the operation, estimated 2-3 mo. from now..