Getting back into the field

Sawadee Khrap

Well its not easy to get back into single-land.  It’s been over 7 months since I was there.   I am very glad Team was honest and let me know he couldn’t or didn’t want to, make any commitment at this time although I really wished it would have worked out.

Now, I am starting to look for new friends, but still I am only interested in finding a lasting relationship, not one night stands.  And it seems the most of the guys here are JUST interested in quick hookups or only want a roommate with benefits.   I had thought to return to Pattaya, but my trip to get my new phone poo-pooded that.  It’s just way too humid down there for me.  Boys or no boys,  I just can’t stand to be in that heat all the time.   So Chiang Mai it is.

I really find I’m getting too old to chase around.  So finding someone who wants to invest in a partnership that focuses on the future, primarily their future, is what I am looking for.  I am not fooling myself that”Love” will be the cement for any relationship particularly due to the age and culture differences.   I also don’t have the time or desire to starting anything for myself, for that matter my retirement VISA will not allow it.    But I do think I have a lot to share, at least a great deal of experience in business and financial matters that I’m realizing is not being taught to these young men.   Most are being trained to be “good workers” and little emphasis is being placed on how to plan, start or run a business.  As I talk to a lot of them, there is no desire, they don’t even consider that they have the ability or opportunities to start out on their own.  It’s scary enough if you have had some help in this area, but daunting if your have never been introduced to it – such is the case here.  If anything I would like to help at least one to get a good start at a more secure independent future.

If I could leave this life knowing that I had helped just one to set a secure path then all my past problems would have ben worth it.   God knows, at 76, sex cannot be the emphasis but I do want them to be devoted to the relationship for me to make any investment in their future.   That’s only fair to both for them spending time and being with me.

Oh well, just rambling – back to the Grinder, Hornet, Blued apps and possible new friends.