Chris – Nude Shoot with elephant

Sawadee Khrap

DSC00905Team and I went to the jungle and met  the model chosen to do the nude shoot with Chris.  Plans were made to do the shoot down at the river in the valley where several elephants and their mahouts were spending the morning grazing. We were invited to come along and of course I had to take some images for my blog.DSC00917

The model showed up right on time bringing his own breakfast  -  and we followed him to the river and had a great time getting what I think are some excellent images, considering it was very overcast and threating rain all morning.DSC00937    Check out the SLIDESHOW below for a detailed look.


3 thoughts on “Chris – Nude Shoot with elephant”

    1. Excellent point, Jerry! Viewers come to this website for “nice slim Thai” not chubby whites!

      Team should be modeling his elephant trunk next time!

      1. I would hope they come to this blog for more than just the slim Thai guys – although there has been a big fall off since I haven’t had any models lately. Perhaps in the future – we will see.

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