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Sawadee Khrap

Had to change the meds again – Ibersartan after several months started to cause ED again – Damn, finding the right combination is proving to be a real task.  So for the last two weeks I switched back to the first , and I might add the most successful, blood pressure medicine I had taken  – one year and no ED problems – Valsartan.  Things are starting to look up – sorry for the pun – again and I also combined all the meds into a single dosage every morning.  Fish Oil, Turmeric, Folic Acid, Peppercorn, Cialis, Coco, and Valsartan 160mg. Took a week to get rid of the Ibersartan effects – I’ll go in on Wednesday morning for a check up and blood testing to make sure everything is still on tract, but I feel fine, calm and relaxed – even driving  so it must still be working.  I did read the the US Veteran’s Hospitals have dropped Ibersartan and replaced it with Valsartan – so I hope I get the same results.  When I first took it my anxiety levels were off the charts so blood pressure control was erratic but now it should work.

Speaking for driving – the new wheels are great – I had solar screens installed in all the windows and great sun blockage now – for the last 2 day didn’t need it  as we are in a deep cold from China – rain and 9-12 C  – that is COLD.   Also had a rear camera installed so that now, when in reverse, the DVD player shows the back up screen – neat.  Using both the LPG and gasohol,  I think I will get about 500-600KM/ per fill-up.  Great for those long trips and so I’m going on a 2 day – 4-5 hour (each way) trip to Mae Hong Son with a friend just to test it out and get in some driving and photos.  Hoping the rain stops before we go – leaving Wednesday morning after the doctor visit.