Back in Chiang Mai

Sawadee Khrap

Just got back to Chiang Mai from a short trip to Pattaya to get my new phone.  Jerry was kind enough to get it for me and so I took a short vacation to pick it up.  Planned to stay till Friday but cut it short after I was threatened by a knife welding Cambodian money boy when I would not take him home for the evening.  Don’t need the aggravation and didn’t go down there to play with the boys in the Complex.

Times are getting rough down there and it is starting to show – Jomtien had plenty of boys but little customers.  The complex had just opened after being closed for a while to morn the King’s passing, so anyone walking the streets now is a potential target for starving MB’s.   Even the guy I rented the car from was complaining on how bad the local economy was and he didn’t see it getting any better for a long time.  Many new condominiums have been finished and no buyers – but typical to Thai habits the prices seems to be remaining the same – they don’t drop the price to make sales but just wait for times get better.  They suffered this with the Russians and now with the Chinese zero-dollar tour influx.  They’re not buying, just coming by the millions – not good for the Thai economy.

Well I got my phone – a Sony Xperia Z3  and just fired it up so have nothing to write about yet.   Just hoping it works as well as I have been told.  More later.