Amazing Day

Sawadee Khrap

Yesterday was amazing: —— fully renewed my spirits.   In the morning I met and had lunch with a friend from the past  “Byrd”  owner of “Asian Plus Travel” here in Chiang Mai (they also have a branch in Bangkok).  I met Byrd when I first came to Thailand 10 years ago – at that time I help him with his web page as he and his partner started their small tour business – now he employs over 30 people, 5 vans, and he said he had over 1000 customers for Spain alone this year.   Amazing  only Congratulations are in order.    Planning a dinner later on and really looking forward to renewing our friendship again.

After lunch I was leaving the shopping center and ran into “Wanchai”” and Steve” past owners of “The Spirit House” which used to be located on Wiang Bua Rd.  near Adam’s Apple Club.  Check out many of my older posts of the happenings in the Spirit house using.   [Search the blog]  They now have a small resort north of Chiang Mai and will send me the address so I can visit soon- .  Really looking forward to that.

While waiting to go to “Monk Chat” later that evening I got a call from a Pattaya friend  – Rudi.  Haven’t heard from him for over 3 years.  The last time I remember was meeting him on the beach in Pattaya and hearing of his new condo in Chiang Mai and how he had furnished in with items he had shipped directly from Germany. We will have tea this morning and I will finally get to see the place.

Finally I had a wonderful relaxing time at Monk Chat – met several new friends (tourist) and some enlightening conservations.   Great day