Almost moved in – taken over

Sawadee Khrap

20160702_140641There he is – first thing was to set up his office – it’s complete now and holds a primary spot in the living room – once the teddy bears were in it was designated officially finished.  University starts on Aug 3rd so everything is ready in this area – housework for me but I don’t mind if he is working or in school.  Got’ta brush up, not used to doing cleaning  – usually just hired a cleaning woman – may still have to do that later – but for the beginning I will consider it needed exercise.

Operations seen to be very successful, stents in both the Renal Arteries appears to have stabilized the kidneys – changed the medicines to be:

  • 10 mg  Madiplot       BP control
  • 150 mg  Irbesartan    BP control
  • 20 mg   BeStatin        Cholesterol levels
  • 75 mg Plavix             Anti clotting for stents
  • 81 mg  Aspirin                 “”     “”
  • 5 mg  Folic Acid        Kidney support

Blood Pressure holding within the 100 – 130 range – average about 120    Monitoring every 2 weeks until we are sure that this combination is perfect.  Looking like this will be my regular meds from now on or for at least the next year.

Team’s off for 5 days to go home and visit the family and break the news, show off his ring and then back to finish moving in and settling down   –   I hope, school starts soon.   Just renewed the lease  -  and it’s an easy, short walk or bike ride from here to his classes  (Master Degree in Toxicology)  at Suan Dok Hospital (Sriphat).

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  1. Hello again.

    Having had a 20-year stint on statin drugs for cholesterol, I would strongly urge you to research CoEnzyme Q10.(Co-Q10). It is a naturally occurring enzyme in the human body and, guess what, its purpose is to control cholesterol, but it is blocked by statins.

    Regrettably, I didn’t know that when I was first introduced to statins, and the side-effects I believe could be attributed to their use. For the last 5-6 years, I have taken nothing but the Co-Q10 supplement and my levels are in the expected ranges.

    If you need further info, drop me an email.

    Best wishes, Yraen.

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