UPDATE on medical condition

Sawadee Khrap

Just starting out the new year – all seems to be in good shape – meds at minimum, strength excellent, blood pressure 128 average,  feeling great.  It’s been a very harrowing “2014” – first the thought of needing a 800,000 Baht  ($25,000 US )  operation, and massive meds for the rest of my life – feeling like shit,  back aches making it unbearable to walk and most of all unable to preform in bed – Wow – not a good year –

But then came God’s help – Doctor at Siriraj – Mahidol University Hospital – no operation – blood pressure controlled with Valsartan, Cialis, Chocolate and Fish Oil.  Cholesterol controlled with Oatmeal, high DHA fish oil and Daily Exercise.    Posture corrected , no back pain, using Sergey’s “Flying Step” arch supports -  and you guessed it, bedroom performance back again.    Monthly medicine cost, 1000 Baht – approx.  $32/mo. US      You can read all about the experience in the blog  under the “Hospital/Medicines” category and I’m just hoping others will benefit from my ordeal.   If you have any questions – please drop me a note.   Glad to help you if I can  – Medical Vacation in Thailand – excellent – if you know where to go.