Trip to US

Sawadee Khrap

Flying out on this Friday evening and will arrive in San Francisco on Friday evening there.   Have car waiting and will go directly to my Mothers nursing home.   Update when I get back.


4 thoughts on “Trip to US”

  1. very sorry to hear about your mum .Take care frank .I am thinking of coming back to thailand end of april to jomtien .I am wondering if i should relocate somewhere else .I like to go to the philippines for 1-2 months now and again .But stay located in thailand any suggestions .Also would you recomment viewtalay 1ab to relocate

    Thanks Degs – I like VT 1 A or B – centrality located and if you get a unit like mine – it’s perfect. I was planning to visit Cebu, but I think it’s too hot right now and so will put it off till the cool season. Same with Angkor – hot, hot, hot – November would be the best time for both Cebu and Angkor. Too hazy in Chiang Mai now to make any move – hope that clears up soon.

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