ThaiVisa News Flash–Thai penis

Sawadee Khrap

short Thai penisThis tells it all – Latest ThaiVisa article – no wonder why Farangs (Foreigners) are sought after here.  Where do you stack up ?  Get on a plane and come for a visit.  Your needed.


2 thoughts on “ThaiVisa News Flash–Thai penis”

  1. Next time they take measurements I want to volunteer to be an independent observer.

  2. Interesting, but I have seen many “well above average” guys working at the GoGo bars, and performing in the bar shows… I have seen almost zero with said average length… And to be an average, that means some must be smaller… Do they include children in this measurement or something!

    I just can’t buy into that as the “average” since I see more larger than smaller… But who is looking, not me, I mean, my friends told me, yes, that’s it… I’m a good boy, and never look.

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