Streamline Retirement VISA approval

Sawadee Khrap

If you are close to needing your Retirement VISA, or other visa needs then pay particular attention to the new association that the Chiang Mai Expats Club has with the Japanese Long-Stay Community.  I just participated in the first  CEC group – On Wednesday, at the Japanese Long-Stay Office (right here in my condo – downstairs) I and several other members had our papers prepared and paid a nominal 200 Baht fee, left our passports so they could be presented to the Immigration department for advance screening and set an appointment for Saturday to have my picture taken, pay fee and paperwork completed at the Immigration Office at Promenade Shopping Center.       This took all of 15 min.   

Saturday, at 1 PM I got to the Immigration Office and they had my papers done and then a photo taken within the first 10 minuets, paid my 1900 Baht  – but had to wait till the supervisor arrived for the final signature approval – 2 PM everything done – home by 2:30.  No hassle, no lines, no worry – quick.

Check it out  – the CEC is planning on continuing this service and “ In the future…. If there appears to be sufficient interest, we’ll look at having the document inspection and submission done during Breakfast Club at River Market and consider if it would be better to go to Promenada on a different Saturday than the General Meeting each month.  You can reach Nancy at  or visit the CEC website. 

In the future I am going to mail in my 90 day reports and take advantage of this service for the 1-Year Retirement Renewal.     Couldn’t be easier – hassle free.