Slient but new medical news

Sawadee Khrap

I haven’t posted in a long time – very busy for my first days in Chiang Mai.   Immigration for my 90 days – change of address caused some delays – several trips to the office. , but now done.   Broken radiator hose on the Mira – that happened on a weekend and had to wait till Monday – Glad that’s all it was – 500 B fix — 

And the Medical situation – changed blood pressure medicine 3 times trying to find the best one for me – Tried the “ACE” class drugs – Lisinopril – but had terrible stomach pains and constipation –   only the “Sartan”  ABR  class drugs seems to work but each has their own side effects –  Olmesartan – upset stomach,    Azilsartan – Erectile Dysfunction – and this is totally unacceptable,      Valsartan – not good pressure control —— and now Irbesartan – seems to be working without the other side effects – but only taking it for 5 days now – need at least 2 weeks to be sure it is working correctly — everything else seems to be ok for now.

I have not been looking for a condo so far  – don’t feel the urge to rush and I have been using the exercise room’s treadmill – walking 1 mile a day in the mornings.  They have a elliptical machine too – and I will test it out before I leave and plan to buy one for my condo.

Meet several new friends, and got to visit many old friends still living here – Chiang Mai is very quiet right now but there is a large population of Chinese here  – and the locals are right  – they are a pain in the ass – most don’t know how to act in a foreign country and are very rude.  What’s really bad is their driving – either on motorcycle or car – they haven’t the slightest idea of what they are doing and causing slowdowns everywhere or worse yet accidents.  And this is the slow season – it’s going to be a bitch later on in the year as tourist increase and so will the traffic.

I am amazed that the 3 new Shopping Centers are doing badly – no customers – Maya, Central Festival, Promenade.  Maya the smallest and Promenade about 3 times as large – almost empty ——- but the old Kad Suan Kaew Shopping  Center is still bustling with customers and offers the best eye candy if you know what I mean.   I went one time to Adam’s Apple Club to see the show and see if I knew anyone there  – all new except the managers – I knew them – have been invited to do a photo shoot review so hope to be doing that soon and have some images to show – good show.   Haven’t been to any  of the other clubs so far but now in a great hurry to so so. 

Anyway just checking in – post later