planning on moving–Don’t use DHL

Sawadee Khrap

WOW- just left DHL on 2nd street in Pattaya – I was passing by so I stopped to see about buying some cardboard boxes so I could start packing and get ready to move to Chiang Mai.  I asked the girl on duty at their office what sizes they had and was asked if I intended to use DHL for the move – I answered “Yes” and was told that each box would require a 200 Baht deposit and that would be refunded to me at the time of the move.  WHAT  ????????   FUCK UM  – I didn’t even ask for their pricing.

Jerry mentioned that the best service he found was definitely the Thai Post Office.  They have boxes and relatively low cost for shipping within Thailand – in fact he said that one time he actually knew of a motorcycle sent by snail mail.  I stopped by this morning but there was a long line so I’ll get my boxes tomorrow.