Med update

Sawadee Khrap

It’s been a while since I updated my results of my drug routine.   Several new  achievements have been noticed so far but not proven as long time successes.

1.   I added 500 mg cap (I filled them) of ground Black Peppercorns to my morning dose of Turmeric. Many articles I have read expounded on the synergistic effect of the pepper increasing the absorption of the Turmeric by almost 2000% – WOW did it make a difference, I can see the results within the first 2 days, increasing the blood circulation in my legs and has eliminated the pain and fatigue in walking – using the Elliptical now for 25 min at almost 4 m/h, and I’ve only been taking it for 2 weeks.

2.  For the last month, I had stopped taking the Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey mixture and started noticing the problem in my ears returning – ringing (tinnitus) and plugging up during the night, and  some dandruff returning, —  so for the last 2 days started it again twice a day – problem gone or greatly  reduced – I will make it a normal routine – twice a day.

So for a recap of the routine now:  every morning

1 tbsp. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar + 1 tbsp. Honey in 8 oz. water – taken on a empty stomach before my Oatmeal breakfast and meds below.

  1. 1000 mg  High DHA Fish Oil – Blackmore’s Omega Memo      (Omega-3)
  2. 1000 mg Mega Fish Oil – standard   (lower in cost)
  3. 1500 mg GMP Kamin-Chun  (Curcuma Longa Linn- Turmeric) anti-inflammatory
  4. 500 mg  Ground Black Peppercorn      (increases absorption of Turmeric)
  5. 5mg Folic Acid           (for kidneys)
  6. 7mg Cialis                    (blood pressure and ED)
  7. 225mg Ibersartan     (Blood Pressure meds – relaxes artery walls)
  8. 2 squares Fine Extra Dark Chocolate   73%+ Coco   (Flavanols lower BP )

Elliptical machine exercise – 25 min  approx. 1.5 Mile walk  3.5 to 5 M/hr.  – every morning about 9AM

Blood pressure has been stable at 130-140/60 ,  energy increased – feeling normal again.  Exercise is a enjoyable not painful any more – ED seems like a thing of the past – In addition,  I have discovered, not proven yet, that using the “Biorhythms”  Physical curve I can predict my sexual strength – so to say – seems there is a monthly cycle – research is starting to talk about this for men.

After lunch I take an additional:   1000 mg Mega Fish Oil .    And later in the afternoon before dinner a second dose of the Apple Cider Vinegar mixture.   And it tastes great too – very relaxing.

Diet has been limited to fresh vegetables, fruit, fish with little meat,  only chicken and pork, small amount  of lamb but no beef – no bread or white rice and very limited pastas and pastry.   Sugar, MSG, salt avoided.

There you have it  – feeling great, blood pressure down, minimum drugs, nature medicines, and no operation –   God Bless it will stay this way.