Latest update on Blood Pressure

Sawadee Khrap

I’m beginning to think that my updates are undermining my recovery – every time I think my recovery is going great  – it backfires right after each update – hoping that is not the case this time.  I had to increase my dosage of Olmesartan to 20 mg daily, 10 Cialis or 10 Levitra, 3000 mg Fish Oil and 5 mg Folic acid.   I added the Levitra because the  Cialis was causing swelling in my feet (edema) and Levitra doesn’t do that but alas the erection strength is not as good.  So the best of both worlds is to alternate them.  Blood pressure running within the 125-138/60 now – going to have a blood test run again but the kidneys appear to be back to normal – so again No operation right now.

I do have sufficient moneys in reserve so I can set up the operation if needed but that’s not in the near future now and moving to Chiang Mai is my next planned adventure – too hazy now, maybe in a couple of months.  Going to start packing and getting ready - 

I was planning on visiting my friend in Cebu and also taking a trip to see and photograph Angkor Wat before I move from Pattaya but it’s really getting hot around here and so I will put them off until the weather cools again – I want to enjoy the trips and be able to do some off road photo shoots  – heat kills my ass and would just make the  trips miserable – so just wait.