Latest set-back in medical situation

Sawadee Khrap

Now in communication with the cardiologist in Chiang Mai – went there 2 weeks ago because my BP was starting to raise again – slowly but still rising – He changed my meds to a newer version of the same stuff – Olmesartan  40mg – seemed to do the trick for the first week but now the BP is raising again – apparently the blockage to my left kidney is just at the critical point and almost anything can cause it to react irregularly – up- down – up- down.  

It’s starting to looking like the only way to get it to a better control is to have the angioplasty and possibly, if needed,  a stent.  He’s checking on that possibility now – put it off for a year, but maybe now it will be necessary – I believe it can be done in Chiang Mai, making it easier to get a hospital surgery time – at least I hope so – we will see – really don’t want to go through the red-tape again at Siriraj to get in line again – that took 3 months the last time – should be faster in Chiang Mai and same cost. 

I am told it’s a common procedure – 1 day, overnight just for checking,  -  the CAT scan showed 5 arteries with some blockage, and the first time they were worried about the blockage for my upper left arm side and deemed that it was to complicated to do there in CM , had to go to BKK  – Cardiologist in BKK said it was not necessary to do this one – just the left kidney artery to control the BP would be needed -  In Chiang Mai, they weren’t looking at the kidney artery – that one should be a simpler procedure and they can do it – at least I hope so  – so just waiting for his results to come back.

NOT over yet –