Forgot to bring camera–Chiang Mai’s drought

Sawadee Khrap

20070610_HuayTeungTao_0092Forgot to take the G15 camera with me today, need to unpack it  – I have the 7D but it’s always too big to carry every day without a particular event in mind.  

Anyway I first went to Huay Teung Tao Park off the Canal road  – here is a photo I took in 2007 of a old dead tree in the end of the lake  – and here it is today.20150621_140604         Half the water is gone  – wow  it used to be way out there.   Remarkable , but it does show how bad the situation is here – rice farmers are suffering the most, unable to plant.  Rains should start soon and hopefully bring everything back to normal.  Cell phone shot

Then on to Maya Shopping Center and found the boys testing and racing their small electric cars on a plastic track – God these things are fast, but my cell phone just didn’t do the job of 20150621_144855getting any good snaps – did manage to get this one showing the track from above.  Lots of eye candy there – next time I’ll bring the G15 and make sure to get some closer images – especially of the boys.  I am going to start going to more of these local happenings and post them on the blog – with 5  Major Shopping Centers now in Chiang Mai there should be some great weekend events.

Chiang Mai has really grown since I lived here – many, many new buildings and places to see – really looking forward to re-exploring the city and surrounding areas.