Final bill on Mira repair

Sawadee Khrap

Just to give you a idea about costs for repair and services here in Chiang Maicar repair - Mira – this is my bill for repairing the Mira – a new front axel, new rear brake drum, special coolant hose from pump to radiator, new dipstick (one of the highest cost),  misc. fittings and clamps and service charge:    complete    4120 Baht  @  35.7 baht/dollar =  $115.50    Took a full day to repair and they had to completely remove the front fender assembly to do the water hose work – in at 8 AM  picked up at 4:30 PM —–   Can you imagine the cost in the States to do the same thing – I was just charged $22 for labor  —–    I can’t guess what it would cost anymore, but I know I couldn’t handle it.   Retirement living here is GOOD and affordable.