Drum and Dancing Band

Sawadee Khrap

IMG_3122I was having tea at Kad Suan Kaew Shopping Center this Sunday afternoon and on the main floor below me they were having a car show.  They had a 6 guy drum and dancing band, wearing terrific tail-coat outfits – all very handsome young men.  By the time I got down there they had finished their act so I didn’t get any photos.   But they said that they would preform again later in the evening – so I went home and got the 7D.  

What I thought would be 4 PM show turned out to be a 6:30 show but I did get some shots – They had taken off the great outfits and were just in varsity jackets – but the drumming and dancing was excellent – In the above photo you can see someone taking a video – they were preforming in such a cramped space I had trouble getting any shots that had all 6 of them in view at the same time.  Wish they would have been on a stage where they could have shown all their fancy foot working stuff – but never the less they were super. 


I did meet one of the guys, Jame, and I gave him my card so I hope they check out the blog and send me an email  – I didn’t get the name of the band but I would love to be invited to shoot their next appearance.  Lets hope they contact me and I’ll get some great shots if I can.