Charlie sent new photo

Sawadee Khrap

Here’s a shot of his new hair style —  much longer now and from this photo a little unruly – but you can’t beat that smile – Just found out he’s won a intern position -scholarship to a local Graphic Art Company from his school for next year – and will stationed in Bangkok for it.     There were only 2 granted and he was chosen.  Congratulations and best of luck.


I think this photo was taken using his cell phone – but I apparently he also used something to doctor it up and smooth his complexion – a little bit overdone.   But still the same Charlie.


2 thoughts on “Charlie sent new photo”

  1. Couldn’t leave it alone, could you? Couldn’t just say something nice and leave it at that. Had to end with something shitty. Well, good for you old man.

    Well everyone’s entitled to their opinions – take care

  2. Frank, I love Charlie’s new longer hair style. Sadly the recent Thai fashions have dictated the new much shorter styles which I’m not over keen on. Just wished I’d visited there a few years ago when all boys had the longer hair.
    Maybe Charlie will start a new trend.

    Do check The Beauty Hunter soon. I’m hoping to travel abroad next year.


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